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Mukesh Dresses in Pakistan 1054



Mukesh Dresses in Pakistan.
Pure China Crinkle Chiffon.
Fine Quality Mukesh.
Neat Work.

Muqayyash (Muqqaish, Badla, Mukkaiish, Mukaish, Mukesh, मुक़य्यश, “مقیش” ) is an ancient craft of brocade embroidery work with silver yarn on silk cloth from Gujarat, India. The silk is ornamented with a silver stripe pattern. Muqayyash is one of the Mughal period silk cloth, and it is recorded in Ain-i-Akbari.[1][2][3][4][5] The muqayyash was one of the fine brocades of Gujrat among a tus, daraibaf, kurtahwar. It was one of the expensive cloths of that time, priced at 2-50 gold Muhr. read more.

Mukesh / Kamdani Dress 1053


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